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Tampa Lift Stations Monthly: Maintaining your lift station

Lift Stations are constantly put under physical stress. Whether it’s the pumps the electronic controls or otherwise, every component of a Lift Station is exposed to a variety of corrosive invaders who can adversely affect the station’s ability to run properly. Simply put, the performance of routine and preventative maintenance can save you or any station owner from a hefty stack of bills in the future. Here are some suggestions of some things you can do to make sure you’re not dealing with a nasty breakdown sometime in the near future. Wet wells should be pumped out twice a year. In fact, some may require more, but this at least prevents solids and grease from building up inside your system. They can get caught in the impeller and do a number on the pump and sink. Check the light and alarm system weekly This is more of a do-it-yourself tip, but alarms and warning lights are essential because they can help you catch problems before they become major problems. We recommend checking in with them once a week, perhaps even testing them. It doesn’t even take five minutes, so it should be something you keep up with. Install an hour meter on each motor This will help give you an accurate account of how frequently the motors are cycling and just how much water is being pumped through the system. Doing this helps you get an idea not only of how much work your station is putting in, but helps you prepare for what aspects of your unit might be in jeopardy for a breakdown more than others. It’s...

Tampa Lift Station Issues To Look Out For

Tampa Lift Stations Expert Advice Tampa lift stations are meant to last if maintenance and repairs are completed throughout the year. A lift station pumps water from a low to high elevation, and the water has a less amount of gravity needed for a steady water flow. While we hope it doesn’t happen to you, there are times when a lift station can lose pressure and the water inside cannot move properly throughout the system. We have included a few things to look out for to help you get a better understanding of how to take care of your system. Call us at 813.986.1007 to get your lift stations back up and running. One of our specialists will set up an appointment with you at a convenient time to get started. Broken valves or pipes When the valves or pipes break, the pressure will drop. A broken valve will stop the proper flow of wastewater that normally takes place inside of a lift station. The best solution is to call a qualified lift station specialist to check the valves to confirm if it is at100 percent capacity. The pipes are clogged or full of deposits When the day comes when your Tampa lift stations are clogged, low pressure in the pipes and the flow of wastewater can potentially accumulate waste deposits and block the pipes. It can lead to an increase in pressure on one side of the blockage and low pressure on the opposite side. Frozen pipes With global warming and its strong influence on the weather, in the cold season in Florida lift station pipes can potentially...

Tampa Lift Stations That Stop Functioning

How To Deal With Old Tampa Lift Stations The one part of infrastructure we cannot control is aging materials. It is common for homeowners and municipalities to deal with aging, dry lift stations that no longer function. When pumps are worn out and are unable to function, this is a sign that your Tampa lift stations need to be fixed or repaired. We are the best company to call in the community for maintenance and repairs. Call R and R Lift Stations Services today to 813-986-1007! If your lift stations were installed in the 1970s, they are aged and can pose a threat to your employees, family, and the environment. When your daily checks are inefficient because it takes a lot of time and multiple employees to complete tasks, this is a sign it is time for repairs. It can be a challenge for a Tampa lift stations specialist to examine the strength of the steel structure. In this scenario, to prevent more wastewater issues, replacing lift stations with a safer solution is operator friendly and the best decision to make. Helpful Advice With Old Tampa Lift Stations Call us to clean your wet wells twice a year or when you need to remove a build-up of debris in a grease trap or lift station. If grease is left uncleaned over time, it can damage the impeller. We can inspect the submersible pumps on a quarterly basis to determine the condition of the impeller and check if there are materials that are clogging the pumps. The valve needs to be reviewed every two years to prevent wastewater issues with...

Tampa Lift Stations Parts You Need

Our Tampa Lift Stations Advice A septic tank in your backyard is a system that many homeowners disregard after purchasing a property. It is an unfamiliar machine that plays an important part in the wastewater removal from our property to the city line. A residential or commercial property owner that neglects its septic tank can lead to calling a Tampa Lift Stations company to fix an emergency. We receive these calls and end up teaching our customers about how it works and what to look out for to avoid complications. Contact us for septic tank maintenance and emergencies at 813.986.1007. We recommend that you take the time to read this blog to learn more about your septic tank to determine when it needs an inspection, maintenance or repairs. Here are the parts that make up a septic tank that you need to know: INSPECTIONS A septic inspection can help reduce the chance of a serious problem with your water supply and costly repairs shortly. Ask R and R Lift Station Services as your Tampa Lift Stations specialist to look at the condition of the wastewater pipe. THE WASTEWATER PIPE After you flush the toilet in your property, water enters the main wastewater pipe. This pipe moves the wastewater from the property into your septic tank. If the pipe cracks, it gets clogged, and it can lead to a plumbing emergency. DRAIN OR LEACH FIELDS The section that surrounds a septic tank is a drain field or leach field. When liquid wastewater is treated in your septic tank, it flows into a drain field. To ensure the water supply in your house...

Tampa Lift Stations for Florida Property Owners

The fall season has arrived and you are getting your backyard ready for the New Year. The bushes were trimmed, the grass was cut, new flowers were planted and the fallen leaves on the lawn were raked. Right when you think you are ready to place your working hat down to relax, the one part of your property that might get left behind is Tampa lift stations to keep the system maintained. You are in for a surprise! Taking care of a septic system is an easy task that your entire family can follow. Follow these steps to a happy and healthy septic system. Book your next appointment with R and R Lift Station Services by calling 813-986-1007! Get to Know Your Septic Tank What accumulates in a septic tank? Let’s see. Scum and solid wastes tend to make its way to the top of the tank. Although the job of the septic tank is to break down solids, it needs to be pumped out on a regular basis by a Tampa lift stations company. Save the Water The septic tank is designed to handle a certain amount of water. Speak with your spouse and/or your family about paying attention to faucets that are leaking and toilets that continue to run after flushing. A high efficiency or low flow toilet installed can help with water pressure It happens to the best of us. Check the maximum limit of clothes to place in your washing machine. A small load of clothing on the large load will essentially waste water. Wash one load at a time on different days instead of doing multiple...