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How to save money on your next septic tank service visit

We’ve discussed a lot of things on this blog over the years, but the one thing we always like to come back to is saving you money. While the ‘right thing’ isn’t always the ‘less expensive thing’ – it is nice to be able to get some value now and then for what you’re investing in.  And in light of that, we’re going to discuss some ways where you can save some money on your next septic service visit. Some of it takes a little planning, but it can go a long way. Let’s jump right in! Don’t wait until your system is backed up or full The easiest way to save some money on your next septic service is to not wait until it’s completely full to pump it. Let it get to say – ⅔ full. Why? Because this will result in less time that the technicians will have to spend pumping the system; but it also speeds up how quickly they can take a look at your system and diagnose any issues that need maintenance. Not only does this save time, but you’ll be getting at certain components of your system sooner – meaning that they won’t need as much servicing and any problems that do arise – will be caught even earlier than they normally are.  Be smart about what you flush The best way that you can save money on your septic system is to simply be more conscious of what you’re putting inside it. Putting the wrong things down the drain or toilet can harm your system in any number of ways and...