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Septic Life Station tips that make your life easier

One good rule of thumb to always live by is that whatever is best for your septic system is almost always whatever’s best for your lift station. Lift stations collect sewage and stores it so it can get transported out to a higher elevation. Any malfunction within that system could create serious problems for you – not to mention a pretty awful mess. Here are three tips to keep everything running in tip-top shape. Tip #1: Use the best wet well you can find Using and having the right wet well for your system is imperative to a properly functioning lift station. That means having one that’s the right size and specifications for your system. Find the right sized wet well and you’ll receive the full benefits of the automation that a lift station can provide to you – and you’ll significantly reduce the numbers of blockages, back ups and malfunctions. Tip #2: Keep it clean! Lift stations are great devices, but they do require a certain level of increased inspection. Be sure to notice we did not say ‘maintenance.’ A downed lift station can have serious consequences; so you always want to make sure you’re in tiptop shape. Rarely do these occurrences happen, but it’s important to stay ahead of the game in this particular case. Make sure you have your wells pumped twice a year. Make sure you clean your floats quarterly. Even be sure to clean those covers when necessary. Doing all of this will eliminate most to all worry about debris, clogging and most importantly – expensive repairs! Tip #3: Leave things to the pros...