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Top Pump Lift Station Facts

The time will come when you will need Tampa lift station services for your residential or municipal lift station which is a very important part of keeping you’re wastewater system operating safely. There are a range of applications when it comes to investing in a lift station. In addition, wastewater processing is a cost-effective way to move fluid substances from low to high ground for it to be cleaned. Follow our instructions and the chance of a catastrophic lift station failure can be reduced. This guide will help you with a basic understanding of lift station facts and how it works: Lift Station Design The way a lift station works is it pumps waste from a residential or commercial property to a high elevation where it is transferred into a gravity flow sewage line. Lift stations have 2 main components; the wet-well and controls. A wet-well is where inflow is discharged and pumped and it is made with steel but more commonly, concrete or fiberglass is used to design lift stations. In addition, it has 2 pumps inside of the wet-well and each has its own check valve and shut off valve that flow into the outflow. The flow rate, total dynamic head (TDH) and the materials needed for construction and maintenance are a very important part when lift stations are being designed. In addition, the flow rate and TDH will determine the amount of power each system will need. Recommendations for Lift Station Maintenance The sewage lift and waste transferred through the functioning process experience tough conditions and will be enhanced by a Tampa lift station services company...